Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Our Lady of Fatima

Our Lady of Fatima, originally uploaded by dhurricane.

Our Lady will be busy hearing more from me than ever before--Today my doc gave me the results of an ultrasound I had done 2 wks ago. I was breathing easier actually, before I saw him; since I knew if it had found cancer he would have called me before today's appt. No cancer, thank God! But I need a hysterectomy. Damn. I had just told my mother a few weeks ago, that I would never have one of those. And now, it is medically necessary. An enlarged uterus and big fibroid tumors growing everywhere in there. I was in shock as he explained it to me, I suddenly felt cold and dearly wished I had brought my sweater, more to have something to wrap tightly around me than to warm me. But I trust Dr A., he has been my doc since he delivered my son 21 yrs ago; then again 7 yrs ago, saving my life w/an emergency c-section a month early (saved my daughter too). It will be next month sometime...need to increase prayers!

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